What is inflammation?

Inflammation occurs when our body responds to outside stimulation that is harmful. Such stimulation include pathogens, damaged cells and irritants. It is our body’s response to disease or injury. Usually we can see redness, swelling and fever in an area or part of the body that is inflamed.

How do we get inflammation?

There are numerous ways we can get inflammation. The most common causes are: chemical irritants, infection by pathogens, physical injury, trauma and immune reactions(hypersensitivity).

How to prevent inflammation?

One of the simplest ways to prevent inflammation is taking care of your lifestyle. Eating healthy, excercising regularely and getting enough sleep are just some of the ways that will help you prevent and/or reduce inflammation and help you get into those party dresses in time for summer. Stress also plays an important role and reducing it can help you reduce inflammatory response of your body.

How to cure inflammation?

There is no silver bullet to cure inflammation and the best thing to do is visit a doctor which will diagnose the problem and prescribe appropriate treatment.

But there are a couple of remedies that will help you in the curing process. One of the most simple ones are: vegetables, fruits and herbs as inflammation remedies such as loose baobab powder. These usually help and work but make sure to consult your doctor before using any home made remedies. Advice from a professional is especially recommended if you are not sure what is the cause of inflammation.