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How to the services of British Gas work today?

British Gas is one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom today and over the past decades it has went from being in total monopoly to becoming one of the key players in a market surrounded by many other energy suppliers too. In this section I would like to represent you to the array of services of British Gas for us all to see what makes the company stand out from the crowd.


The company has 4 key services today:

Let’s see these services and what they comprise of one by one this time.

  • (1) Gas and electricity services:

    Without doubt this brings the largest income for the company with still providing over 11 million households with energy – be it gas, electricity but mostly both which most UK household needs. Although the company decided not to include its rates on its website, it does offer discounts for one-off electricity payments but seemingly it moves along with offering personal quotes and works with customized rates.

  • (2) Home Services:

    This is the range that it becoming more and more important in the business importance of the company, especially considering households in the countryside, where people are not that mobile when it comes to urgent repair works, be it plumbing, electricity system repairs, establishing new heat systems and selling all the heating appliances in one place sounds pretty inviting for all those who want to just get everything done as fast as possible. The commercial and repair services are also paired up by custom made insurance packages. So, if you want a boiler and want to have a good guarantee from someone who also offers repair and renovation services, it’s obvious you will choose that supplier.

    • (3) Energy saving:

      The new range of services for British gas is a very specific one: we all live in the time of being environmentally conscious and therefore all energy saving appliances and possibilities make our heart beat faster: and on the long haul they can even save us some money! The new range of appliances the company offers are very specific ones as they can all work with remote control coming from a either a portable device or a desktop computer/laptop. These appliances include lightbulbs, smart meters, heating controls and plugs too. Imagine having the ability to control all these from afar.

    • (4) Online account options:

      Every customer has the chance to login check their current rates, the sums they paid and have to pay and submit meter reading, book a repairman if you need any help and you can also pull comparisons of your energy usage.

      I think these new services definitely help British Gas stay ahead of the competition. For more information, please visit its website.