Virgin Media Business offers

Virgin is one of the largest telecom companies in the UK and this makes it more than suitable to handle large business needs as well, on any and every level. In this article I’d like to touch on the variety of services offered specifically for business users by this large company. Let’s get started.

The core business products include the following:

Broadband and other internet services:

The basic offer includes a 50MBpS business broadband internet connection and an up to 300 Mbps ultra-broadband solution, various broadband and phone packages, managed internet access, network security solutions and virgin media support .

Site 2 site connectivity:

Point 2 point networks (Ethernet/Extranet). IPVPN options, Ethernet VPN, high capacity services and managed security.

VPN solutions:

Ethernet VPN, IPVPN, IPsec VPN, SSL VPBN for extra security for internal connection and communication.

Telephony solutions:

Business phone solutions include business mobile SIM networks and packages accordingly, SIP tracking that’s an alternative to ISDN30 and landline business phone lines, depending on the exact need. Other services also include Avaya IP office phone network, unified communication channels, presentation numbers, centrals, and customer call manager.

Security and remove work solutions:

Virgin media know how important security is, therefore it does its best to make its business solutions and packages as secure as possible with the use of the following toolkit: enhanced and monitored firewall, SSL VPN ( today’s most secure type of connection), IPsec VPN. Other extras include managed authentication services and an IP CCTV (camera surveillance system).

Business network

Virgin Media offers high-speed broadband and wireless network solutions armed with all the heightened security every business needs in today’s online jungle. LAN projects and other LAN integration services that connects networks regardless of geographical location. The whole system is backed by non-stop support services which make sure nothing goes wrong and if it ever does it’s dealt with in a prompt manner. Business network data centers and cloud or unified systems are also perfect for large businesses. To offer a proof Virgin is partnered up with the telecom king Cisco for ten years now.

Service desk solutions:

This package also includes the outsourcing of a complete hosted customer service also offering the best ever call-center phone number format that’s easy to use and remember regardless of country and attractive presentation numbers which serve well, when it comes to calling back customers.

Cloud and Data Center services:

And as the core of it all, Virgin Media offers the maintaining of the whole data center for your business through unified communication, reliable connectivity paired up with various colocation and hosting offers.

These are all the business services which make the company a very good choice for every bigger commercial or public-sector organizations.